Why name my blog peach?

No i’m not a peachyvore! In fact it’s top five in my hate-list of food or fruit. Dont worry! I am a nutritionist by profession, my aversion to this fruit is not for life, it’s negotiable. I believe that one day, i’l be its greatest fan.

Peach according to meriam-webster (aside from being defined as an edible fruit) in a noun form could also mean sweetness, beauty and excellence.

So this page is all about

Sweetness – an answer to your sweet tooth. But of course, as a nutritionist dietitian i will also share my advocacy on healthy food choices

Beauty – latest trend in fashion, beauty products

Execellence – a sweet life is not that easy so be my guest, as i will take you to places and introduce you to lifestyle with first-rateness. Let’s jaunt to wonderful places and sometimes experience the adventure of a life of a fulltime jetsetter and backpackers.

So i write and you read… Your thoughts are most welcome!


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