Off for a little walk after lunch yesterday at #robinson’s and so amaze to spot the foundation I’ve been raving on for quite a while on the shelf of #watson’s #revlon corner.


The sales assistant was so kind to pimp me up and offer to me their newest product which is the #revlon2n1colorstay (oh how I’ve want it so bad but i’m off my budget). So as not to snob her sales talk, I promised her if the product can take my imperfection (I had a scar on my upper lip resulting from surgical correction of cleft lip/harelip), I will buy one. So she gamely put it on me and voila….it really did justice.


But i didn’t buy the product and bought the other one I’ve been raving about instead.
Believe me, this product stay true with its label. No need setting powder after the application. So many shades available for all skin color (but the sales assistant suggested that i take medium beige to be safe). It comes with a pump now unlike when it first comes in the market. You will stay naturally flawless for up to 24 hrs. And it feels barely even there, unlike some foundation where it feels so heavy and tingy. What i love the most is it can be wear in a tropical countries which is good for my job as a dietitian coz it really feels humid inside the kitchen. It is highly recommended, a girl must have. The only downside is it is too pricey for a drugstore foundation (is revlon a drugstore foundation or a high end? That i’m not sure).

Thanks revlon girl for the quick fix and little flash test. Sorry i forgot to take your name for the credits.

P.s Is it just me, or does anyone noticed that sales assistant in watson’s robinson’s are excellent in customer service than in #watson’s #leeplaza?


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