My Friend’s Pasalubong

Whatever got into my brain yesterday (no wait! it’s the other day, by the way) but it started when I decided to take a photo of myself using this “pasalubong”, one of my bffs gave me the last time she returns home from Indonesia.


After application I check how it looks under the sun to see if it not too glam to wear it on daylight and if I can wear it everyday to work.
Take it away shutterbug! #revlon #vanity


Honestly, I’m clueless about the product cause I’m a MAC fan when it comes to lip lines. So I research about it on revlon website and here’s what I’ve learned;


Pearl #006 Full Bloom Fushcia

1) Super lustrous has 4 finishes – creme, matte, pearl, and sheer.
Mine on hand is Pearl but it gives you a feeling of matte effect at the beginning of application. And yeah super lustrous…your lips will be incandescent but not glittery. Shining but not oily. Its like the pigment are so alive. I love it.

2) And is available in 82 colors!
So many variants to choose from.

2) It features LiquiSilk™ formula that seals in color and softness.
Which I’ve noticed upon wearing! My lips are so soft, no need to wear gloss or balm. The satin finish gives me the feeling of luxury.

Overall this product is Perfect! I would definitely buy again if my stock lasts.


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