Myanmar’s Salad

Something I learned from a Myanmar flatmate. I must confess that there are a few modifications I made according to the accessibility and availability of some ingredients. This is the beginning of my lifestyle change. I must admit, I am completely carnivore human being. Eating a salad gives me a sense of fullfillment and I’m proud to say this is the start.

I asked my flatemate what’s the name of the salad, and she just give me a shrug and told me that I can name it anyway I want since this is how they (Myanmars) usually prepare a salad.

At first I was hesitant to taste it because salad has no chance in my diet preferences and also I wasn’t able to see how it was prepared. So i take a bite out of respect. To my surprise, I love the way it taste. Though there’s a tangy taste due to the raw cabbage and strong taste from carrots, I guess there’s so much adjustment and “getting used to” I should make if ever I will decide to enlist myself in a vegetarian group.

Here are the ingredients:

white onion
smoked fish (flaked)

Lemon juice
MSG (optional, you can use sugar instead)

My version: everything except that I use canned tuna for smoked fish to saved myself from dealing with the fish.


  • Wash the vegetables properly. Please… I beg cause you’re going to eat it raw.
  • Shred or Julienne the vegetables, and the white onion whichever you prefer. (My personal preference is the julienne cut) Take away the seeds of the cucumber.
  • In a bowl, tossed the vegetable and the tuna flakes. Then squeeze some lemon and seasoned with a dash of pepper, a dash of salt and some MSG to taste
  • Critical Points:
    There's no exact amout of seasoning i wrote since I dont know how you would like your salad to taste like. By the way, i used two pieces of lemon.

    Noticed that in the picture, the slices are thicker? It's because I dont know how to sliced it thinly. I still haven't acquire the skills of julienning. It was supposed to be short, thin strips.

    I dont have any idea how to avoid the tangy taste so I welcome any suggestions and questions for this recipe.


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