Random Tour


If i didn’t do what i did today, i will regret it someday for not doing it yesterday.

Scientifically it’s known as a Brownian motion. In lay man’s term… It is a random walk – a sequence of steps whose characteristics is determined by chance. And i will use this word to describe the course of the day.

In fact, I don’t have an itinerary for this travel. I just go with the trip for two reasons
1. Papa invited me on short notice.
2. To escape from boredom and the best escape I could think of is to travel to the city.

Fortunately, my nephew comes with us and that completes the fantastic four.

My feet has its own mind and it takes me and my nephew to the SIDLAKANG NEGROS VILLAGE. Read more about it on this link http://www.choosephilippines.com/do/history-and-culture/719/sidlakang-negros/

Unexpectedly, me and my nephew had fun together. It was like town-hopping in a split seconds. We are a native of this province yet it still give us an ecstatic feeling everytime we take pictures on each cottage and a one of a kind of stimulation. It is educational as well for my nephew as he learned something out of the 26 thatched cottages representing each town. Honestly, we do travel a lot to Dumaguete and we pass by most of these towns. But we didn’t knew each of these town that much until today. So o guess i guess it’s true what they said

Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan.




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