Wish list – checked!


This is supposed to be a saved-up wish list of a guy i wanted to spend my lifetime with. The word ‘ideal guy’ sound so fancy so i hate to use it. Lucky for me, i have already found him as of this moment of writing and spend 2 whirlwind years with him – 20 months long distance and around 4 months of domestic partnership.
I thought this kind of man does not exist. Feeling grateful and blessed to have found him, I’ve come up with a love list. Things that i love about my california king and my perfect catch – a.k.a Junel 

1. He’s loyal (so far!) 
2. He gets angry when i address him by his name. It should be ‘love’.
3. His height
4. His built
5. His handsome face – you are the john lloyd (famous actor in the Philippines) in my real world.
6. He’s sweet 
7. He’s thoughtful
8. During our first few days of being in a relationship, he’s planning of buying me a ring
9. He makes me his profile pic in his fb account
10. He never mind skyping and webchatting all mornyt long
11. He calls me a lot – thanks to viber and tango app for the free call nd video call.
12. He takes me out to dates
13. He makes me feel that he is proud of me 
14. He makes me feel loved
15. He braved to come along with our company outing even if unsure and awkward and we’re still in a we-barely-know-each-other-yet-but-it’s-already-us state.
16. He sings with me in videoke with a few of my hospital mates and God he has good voice(What was that song we sang again my love?).
17. He’s good in bed… So hot! 
18. He kissed me a lot and a good kisser
19. He’s clingy and loves to display his affection to me in public (sorry … My first time!)
20. He is emotional more than me.
21. Thank God! He does not behave like his age. (his 2 yrs younger)

20131008-200605.jpg22. He researched about my bio-data.
23. He’s one possessive monster. I know it’s not good but its alright coz with that, i felt i belonged
24. He’s childish sometimes but it’s ok i find it charming and sweet.
25. He’s the first guy to brave to meet the fockers err I mean my family.
26. He’s the first guy to visit my boring town. 
27. He devotes all his time for me like 8 hrs work + 2hrs personal and the rest is me. C’mon what else could i ask for… (mouwasat days)
28. We fight like there’s tomorrow (love dont ask me why i include this. Just ask me in person).
29. He never lets me go…
30. He makes me feel like there’s no one in this world but me in his life
31. He accepts me for who and what i am ( i wish you can stand)
32. I remember telling him a history of a family feud where I am involved and i was amaze that he’s on my team. I wish we’ve known each other then.
33. He’a a dreamer! A guy with ambition and confidence. So determined to be successful. Never settles for least. That craving for more success is sooo sexy.
34. He’s got big c*#%…Hands!! LOL (the most favorite i have with u)
35. Remember that flush malfunction at my friend’s house? Hell yeah, i felt sick evrytime i remember that but you impress me.
36. He’s not vain. 
37. He loves to celebrate our monthsary. 
38. He makes my saved-up wishes all come true.
39. He is my first boyfriend who spent on a date and he doesn’t mind.
40. He is someone I can run to financially. 
41. He says goodnight and will kill me (kidding) if I missed a single night to tell him “goodnight”. 
42. He help me reach my dreams. 
And still counting…



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