Love in a different time zone


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I was watching for the nth time Going the Distance. I wonder why I felt so comfortable about this movie. Then I figured out that the story touches the issue of a long distance relationship (LDR) which my own love story is all about. I’m not an avid fan of LDR but I dont know why fate always drag me into it. Sometimes I would like to think that I must have done something murderous that I am being punished of a long distance love affair. Perhaps, I might have a very contagious disease in my “past” life that I was cursed to fall in love and be loved with someone so miles away.

I always get either a smirk or peevish look evrytime I mention the distance between my boyfriend and I. An unsolicited advice “it wont work” would soon follow. Or question like “are you sure you know everything about her/him” would echo. Not to mention side comments like “oh i bet he/she is on somebody else’s lap this time”. I wanted to believe them. But my experience told me otherwise. Its not the distance that ruins the relationship but the lack of faith, trust, respect and endurance would wreck it.

We are now in a digital world. Love can be found, run and ruined in just a mouse-click away. There are websites that help any gender to acquire a date, boyfriend and better half. Yeah I know nothing beats the real one but the effort and the time you make just to keep in touch with someone is extraordinary! Adding to that, there are also smartphone applications which gets you connected to your object of your affection anytime and anywhere. And what greater love could there be when someone travelled 12hrs just to spend 3 hours with you.

As long as there are ways to keep the long distance relationship spicy hot, I would not retreat. I know I’m just looking at the brightside of LDR but I am also aware that there are thousands out there who are into this thing. I dont want to write something that could ruined them or give them the benefit of the doubt. I always believe that whoever they are, their relationship is mightier than the real one. Their bond is strenthened by faith, trust, endurance and love. It may sound mythical, but there is no greater love than those that move mountains, oceans and cross canyons and desert. Hats off to the best halves of overseas worker, sea farers and soldiers. They just dont give in to any temtation that comes along the way.

Note to self: Couples who enggage in LDR were not insane! They are the people who doesn’t let the distance get in the way. It may not be easy but its worth the wait. It may be the most difficult but it’s real. Soon enough, the distance will disappear, someday. Legend has it then:

Distance never separates two hearts that really cares. -Unknown



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