It was 10 in the morning but looking through the window from my room, the surrounding looks a fight between an indigo and luscious green canvas. The temperature is a little bit low resulting from an overnight rain as well. Adding
to the gloomy peg outside was the epic of dew on some parts and fog on the other. And the smell of that diffused matter suspended on the air affirmed that we are in the colder half of the year

Cloudbursts is not always exciting – not even to a song writer nor to a poet. Rain is always associated with negative images and is a favorite emoji to someone who is emotionally depressed, heartbroken, in tears, sometimes anger, confused, somber and in their darkest moment of life. Visually, it is just contagious! How favorable indeed to deluge your emotion as the nature pours down.

But that’s not the way it is to me 27 years ago nor to the eyes of my niece and nephew whom I am watching right now as they splash around water at each other and skinny-dipping under the rain.

Rain is a descent water that splash F-U-N! and sprinkles laughter on anyone who got the feel of it. Its a celebration of being free and taking chances. It’s now or never. It’s expensive as it is not something you can have the moment you ask for it. Rare as gem, it is not for sale at your nearest convenient store. Its the nature’s give away for us – something to enjoy while it last.

The happy faces of my niece and nephew elevates my spirit. Their smiles are delightfully amusing. Holding a smile and feeling thrilled, I can’t help but flashback some childhood memories. So instead of flooding your mind with heart wrenching memories, why not be optimistic with it. Stop heading south when it rain. When things look bleak, dont cry in the rain. Instead, dance and skinny-dip in the rain cause no one else can feel it for you.



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