Rough Patch


Recently, my love life is on fire! The perfect guy that i knew almost two years now starts to shift into the meanest villain in this love story. The guy whom i thought is God’s answer for my saved-up wishes turns out to be a decoy. I may be over reacting to the present situation at hand but I dont want to keep this angst neither. So before every little cell in my body absorbed this toxic, It would be better to pour it out before it becomes cancerous.


Me and my boyfriend have all the ingredients to brew the most bitter relationship one could ever taste. We are miles away. Personality check, we’re completely different. Always parallel in making decisions and in any ways and means. He pissed me off most of the time and so am I to him. We both have the same dialect but our slight difference in our accent brought us into trouble sometimes. There’s no way we can be in one spot as we argued to the deepest of our hearts and to the highest of our ego. Our age compatibility is also another issue as he was younger than I. Religious affiliation are different, but glad we believe in the same God. Sometimes we both wonder why God let us find each other. Is this a purpose-driven love affair? Does destiny brought as together?

There are negative unsolicited commentaries from friends that I gather and a few cynical relatives who say we wont make it till the very end. I myself for one is a little bit skeptic on this connection I have for my boyfriend.

A few days ago, my boyfriend and I went under a hellacious circumstance. We undergo some major trust issue. ‘Twas a make or break deal of our relationship. Questions about his worth and validating his honesty was being raised. I sorted advice from my trusted friends but they only make the situation more worse or if not putting the benefit of the doubt in the right place.

As my heart and my brain continues to debate and collect opinions and emotions, I gathered that my boyfriend remained calm, stubborn to hold on to the relationship and the best part is he never let me go. He never dodge the bullet, he catches the mud i slang unto him and was firm on his stand. His being a water to my fire reminds me of us being the perfect two.

The road have not been smooth lately between us but i gained new insights. I was so busy looking on the warning signs posted beside the road and anticipating what might unfold ahead that i lose track on the fun and the joy it brings. I may be too focus driving this love to perfection that i forgot to mind two billboards that hang on the side of the road telling me not to get too angry. Anger can cloud judgment and lead to regrettable decisions.20131002-131540.jpg And that Love is giving everything to your relationship to strengthen the bond. Love is all about saving your relationship from rough patches of life and standing tall through the tough times20131002-131648.jpg

I attempted to shut the engine down to figure things out and I found out that, I am not supposed to be in the driver’s seat neither will my boyfriend. It should be God who will steer the wheel for us.

I may be his total opposite and the difference between me and my boyfriend create some problem difficult to solve or sometimes put us into a difficult situation, but now I was able to fathom out God’s purpose for bringing two different people together. We are just two pieces in a puzzle with different edges or cut that God put together with ingenuity to create a perfect two that would make a perfect picture of “LOVE”.



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